INE Launches Interactive New Tech Community and INE Live! Streaming Platform

INE Launches Interactive New Tech Community and INE Live! Streaming Platform

Leading global tech training firm INE is launching two new ventures as part of redefINE 2021, its inaugural keynote event. The new experiences are designed to give students greater access to expert instructors, and more opportunities to engage with others in the tech industry. INE leadership recognizes the importance of community interaction among industry professionals, as technology continues to evolve, change, and intersect. The new tools, INE Community and INE Live!, will allow students to more easily connect with other experts and students in the industry, and share their knowledge, struggles, challenges, and solutions.

INE Community is a dedicated online space to interact with one another, designed exclusively for INE students. On the INE Community, students now have access to expert instructors in cyber security, data science, cloud and networking. Whether a student or IT professional encounters a problem they need help with, or wants to share a unique solution to a challenge, INE Community is a place where they can find guidance, expertise, and insight. It is taking the top-notch learning experience delivered by INE instructors to the next level, allowing students to easily and efficiently communicate with one another anytime they want.

INE Live! is a unique online streaming platform that will deliver content to wherever you are, on whatever platform you choose. It will allow viewers to watch constantly updated -- and often live -- content from the INE team and featured guests. INE Live! is replacing the traditional and outdated method of hosting “webinars” that require users to sign up and hand over their information with a much easier and freely accessible way to view content. INE Live! will have a regular schedule, and specific times when instructors, content directors, and INE’s executive leadership team will be available for an interactive chat. And when major news breaks in the IT and digital world, INE’s experts will be ready to fire up the stream and discuss the broader implications.

Through INE Community and INE Live!, students will have more access to experts and peers than ever before. You can access INE Community now at INE Live! officially launches in the coming weeks. Follow INE on LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram for details and updates.



About INE:
INE is the premier provider of Technical Training for the IT industry. INE is revolutionizing the digital learning industry through the implementation of adaptive technologies and a proven method of hands-on training experiences. INE’s portfolio of training is built for levels of technical learning specializing in advanced networking technologies, next generation security and infrastructure programming and development.

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