INE Expands into Data Science and Python with RMOTR

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INE Expands into Data Science and Python with RMOTR

Cary, NC - INE is proud to announce that RMOTR, a top rated Data Science and Python training program, is now part of the INE family. 

For 16 years, INE has prepared today’s IT professionals for tomorrow’s challenges. With a content library of over 15,000 videos covering topics such as Cisco Networking, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and more, INE continues to provide expert IT training individuals and companies alike can count on. Students benefit from quality content, clear instruction, and the technology they need to reach their goals.

Ready to become an expert in Data Science? RMOTR offers on-demand Data Science and Python courses developed by their expert team of professionals. Students can learn how to manage and work with a variety of programming languages, such as Python, R, and Julia. This content is ideal for anyone in the Data Science field, from those just beginning their journey to seasoned pros ready to take their skills to the next level. 

As well as excellent video instruction, each course includes projects, assessments, and hands-on activities to engage students and connect with a variety of learning styles. Students will always have a clear picture of what they’ve accomplished and what is left to learn. Each milestone is marked with an opportunity to practice newly acquired skills.

“Creating a learning experience that resonates with our users is a privilege we don’t take lightly,” says Richard McLain, INE CEO. “We’re always searching for new opportunities to expand our content library and offer high-quality courses covering topics our users care about. This is a tremendous opportunity for everyone involved to provide reliable, extensive education that truly makes a difference.”

“Since the beginning, our objective with RMOTR was to build an industry renowned Data Science certification program,” RMOTR Founder Santiago Basulto says. “However, working as a startup was challenging. Joining a mature and established company like INE, gives us the velocity we need to make our dream a reality.” 

INE and RMOTR remain committed to setting up customers for success in their careers.  Both platforms are designed to help students find the courses they need, keep track of their progress, and stay focused on their goals. 

Current INE Members can use their account to login on the RMOTR platform and purchase a RMOTR subscription. For those interested in maintaining subscriptions to both RMOTR and INE, only one INE account is needed. Creating an account is free and simple. Anyone can get started today.

Together, INE and RMOTR will continue to develop content users can count on. This next chapter is sure to bring exciting stories, crafted by students in charge of their own IT journeys. 

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