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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a current subscriber. How do I upgrade to the new plans?

Why did you raise prices just to lower them again?

The last year has been a point of pivoting and change for many industries, including ours. We’ve had to re-adjust our structure as we recalibrate our goals to be the best training provider we can for our clients. We believe a lower price point at this time is the best value for you and allows us to continue providing an incredible product at a more accessible price.

I’m currently on a yearly subscription, can I switch to a monthly plan instead?  

Yes. With our new subscription management tool (, you can change your plan at any time while your subscription is active. Any remaining balance you have will be automatically prorated and credited to your account. Any credit on your account will be applied toward your next subscription purchase.

I had a 50% discount on my current plan, do I still get 50% off the new plan?

Previous discounts do not transfer to the new subscription. However, with the new price change, you will actually be getting a better deal than past discounts. Our goal is to ensure that as many people as possible have access to the best training available. With the new pricing structure, we can offer the same valuable training to all our clients.

I don't need access to all of the training verticals you offer, can I purchase access for just one? I don't want to pay for something I am not using.

We understand at this time you may not need to access all the verticals. Our primary goal is to set you up for success and we’d like to give you the flexibility of being able to access our entire library at your convenience as the IT industry is now more interconnected than ever.

I've decided to upgrade my current subscription and now have a credit balance. What can I use this credit to purchase? Can I use it for exam vouchers or rack rental tokens?  

Your credit will be automatically applied toward your next subscription renewal purchase. If you have any questions about your account, feel free to reach out to us at

Where can I see how much my credit balance is?  

You will receive confirmation of your subscription changes via email. On that digital order confirmation, you will see your credit balance reflected. We are working to make your credit balance visible on your INE account. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at

I upgraded my subscription plan, am I eligible to receive a 50% off eLearnSecurity exam voucher code?

Yes, as you shift to the new plan you will receive this discount code automatically via email.

I am happy with my current subscription plan. Do I have to change my plan now?

No. Upgrading or changing your plan is completely optional. Your plan will not be changed unless you upgrade your subscription in your INE account.

I am currently subscribed to 1 vertical. Will I be able to access the entire catalog now?

Yes. With our new subscription management tool (, you can change your plan at any time while your subscription is active. Once you opt in to the new subscription plan, you will have access to all INE video training materials.

I already have access to all the training verticals INE offers, should I still upgrade my subscription?  

Depending on your personal subscription pricing, upgrading to one of our new plans may provide you with cost savings. To see your options and determine if one of the new plans is right for you, visit the subscription manager in your account (

The email I received stated I can upgrade my subscription at no cost, why am I seeing an upgrade fee to move to one of the new plans?

We understand this change can be a bit confusing. In most cases, our new subscription pricing will be a cost savings. In that case, a credit will be issued to your account for the difference in price. However, because each client’s subscription content and pricing can vary based on many factors, upgrading to one of the new plans may require payment in some cases.

Keep in mind, you are not required to upgrade your subscription. If you are happy with your current plan, there is no need to upgrade at this time. You can always reconsider upgrading at a later date if you choose.

Why is there no monthly premium subscription option?

Currently, there is no monthly premium plan option. In an effort to make our training more accessible, we created a new monthly plan geared towards beginners with access to our full content library, including videos and base-level hands-on resources like quizzes. Our annual and premium subscription options are a better fit for people further in their careers or preparing for a specific certification as these plans provide a deeper understanding of the material with access to premium tools like labs, workbooks, and comprehensive bootcamps as they truly become experts in their chosen field.

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