Celebrate all things Cyber Security with a week full of webinars, giveaways, blog posts and more - all focused on Cyber Security training!

Join us every day this week for special events highlighting INE's Cyber Security Training:

Monday, Feb 22nd at 1:00PM EST

A Look at Cyber Security in 2021 - What’s Happening Now with Don Donzal and Chris Leach


Cyber Security Week kicks off with an enlightening, open conversation with your host and INE's Director of Community, Don Donzal, and INE Cyber Security Instructor, Chris Leach, discussing current events in IT security. Join us at 1pm EST as Chris and Don chat about recent Robinhood events and the power of community, the lasting effects of the Solarwinds attacks, threats this upcoming tax season, and what this can all mean for you in 2021.

Tuesday, Feb 23rd


A Day in the Life of a Security Team” from Neal Bridges + Exclusive Cyber Security Week Vlog - Watch Now


“My eJPT Journey” by Lily Clark + AMA with Lily on Discord at 1:00PM EST - Read Her Blog Here


Wednesday, Feb 24th at 1:00PM EST

“IoT Hacking 101 - Not So Smart Homes/Devices” Don Donzal


As we continue Cyber Security Week, join INE's Director of Community, Don Donzal, as he gives a brief history of hacking and where IoT fits into the grand scheme of cyber security, an introduction to the risky implications of connected devices, and a simplistic example of how to take control of a 'smart' outlet available on the market today. We also have an announcement on our continued sponsorship of all IoT Village events in 2021.


Thursday, Feb 25th  

"Biz-Tech Blueprint: Building Skills for a Multi-Cloud Enterprise" with Tracy Wallace and Kathryn Brown


Catch a replay of our recent webinar with INE’s Director of Microsoft Content, Tracy Wallace, and PR Director Kathryn Brown as they discuss the transition to cloud and what that means for your organization’s security.


Pentesting 101: Getting in with Social Engineering by Hisomeru - Blog Post


Friday, Feb 26th at 1:00PM EST

Starting a Career as an Ethical Hacker” with Phillip Wylie and Don Donzal


INE closes out Cyber Security Week with some career guidance on how to get into the field, advance your career and a dedicated live Q&A session. Join INE's Director of Community, Don Donzal, along with INE Cyber Security Instructor and co-author of "The Pentester's Blueprint", Phillip Wylie, for an interactive live session. We'll wrap things up with announcing the giveaway winners from the week's festivities.


Want to win one of three great prizes? Register and attend any of our live events on Monday, Wednesday or Friday and be entered to win! The more events you attend, the more entries you'll receive!
1st place: 1 year INE premium subscription

2nd place: Choice of 1 eLearnSecurity certification exam voucher

3rd place: 1 eLearnSecurity Junior Penetration Tester (eJPT) certification exam voucher

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