Free Cyber Security Awareness Training

Prevent your organization's next cyber attack with INE's engaging and effective security awareness training


Average cost of a malware attack

50 Days

Average cost in time of a malware attack


Average cost of a data breach

Stop attackers. Build a more secure culture.

INE’s cyber security awareness training teaches employees to spot phishing schemes, what to
do when they receive malicious emails and how to work more securely.


1. Sign up

Create a free account. All you need is five minutes.

2. Invite employees

Easily invite employees with our email invitation feature.

3. Get results

Track your team's progress with the supervisor dashboard.

Training features

INE’s cyber security awareness training offers in-depth courses on modern cyber attack techniques. Stop the next attack by implementing engaging and effective security training.

Unlimited use

Enroll your whole organization or at-risk divisions like finance, accounting and human resources.

Multiple campaigns

Choose from multiple phishing simulation campaigns based on themes, length, and more.

Track activity

Monitor individual activities such as if they opened the email, clicked a link, and more.


Identify high-risk employees easily as alerts are sent for risky employee actions.

Automated enrollment

Automatically enroll employees in a campaign once they have completed the Phishing training.

Bulk enrollment

Bulk enroll or individually enroll employees in a Phishing simulation.

Top Security Awareness Training Services Company

Cyber Security Review named INE one of the top 10 companies at the forefront of providing Security Awareness training services to help transform businesses.

Start training your employees

All it takes is five minutes to start building a new cyber security culture

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