Tracy Wallace

With more than 20 years of experience, Tracy brings a treasure trove of Microsoft knowledge to the INE team. Certified as an Azure Solutions Architect Expert and Azure Administrator Associate, as well as in MCSE Cloud Platform & Infrastructure, MCSD App Builder, MCT, and MCSA: SQL Server, Tracy’s skills cover multiple facets of the Microsoft field. He holds a BA in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Maryland and stumbled upon his career in technology by accident, after working as an Economic Consultant. Realizing that his favorite thing to do within any job was to work with computers, Tracy decided to follow his passion and hasn’t looked back since. Besides being a Microsoft expert, Tracy also enjoys hiking with his two children, playing disc golf, and traveling with his wife. You may contact Tracy Wallace at twallace@ine.com.


DAY 1 10am - 3pm

  • Introduction to the Cloud (1 hrs)
  • Activity - Creating a Cloud Account (30 minutes)
  • Cloud Management (1.5 hrs)
  • Working Lunch - Managing Cloud Resources (1 hr)
  • Cloud Services (1 hr)

DAY 2 10am - 3pm

  • Infrastructure as a Service (.5 hrs)
  • Cloud Networking (1 hrs)
  • Activity - Provisioning a Cloud Network (30 minutes)
  • Cloud Compute (1hr)
  • Working Lunch - Provision Cloud Compute (1 hr)
  • Cloud Storage (30 min)
  • Activity - Provision Cloud Storage (30 min)

DAY 3 10am - 3:30pm

  • Platform as a Service (30 min)
  • Hosting Applications in the Cloud (1 hr)
  • Activity - Hosting a Web Application (30 min)
  • Cloud-base Container Workloads (1 hr)
  • Working Lunch - Hosting Containers in the Cloud (1 hr)
  • Cloud Databases (1 hr)
  • Activity - Provision a Cloud Database (30 min)
  • Q&A
  • Evaluation

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