CCNA Certification

The new CCNA program is designed to prepare candidates for modern entry-level positions in the IT field. Based on the latest technologies and job gaps facing the current IT industry, a CCNA certification provides you with the foundation you need to build your career in any direction.

What is the CCNA Certification?

The CCNA program culminates in one certification that covers a wide range of fundamentals for many IT careers. By combining the latest networking technologies with security, automation, and programmability, successful candidates are prepared for any IT challenge they may encounter.

As a serious first step into the IT industry, the CCNA certification demonstrates your commitment to mastering critical tech skills and your ability to do so. It’s also a launching pad for additional certification tracks as you work towards advancing your career in a specific field.

Is the CCNA Certification Right for You?

While there are no prerequisites for pursuing your CCNA certification, many candidates begin by having at least one year of experience implementing and administering Cisco solutions. They also have knowledge of basic IP addressing and a good understanding of network fundamentals.

What Can the CCNA Certification Do For Your Career?

The CCNA certification is the industry’s most widely recognized and respected certification of its kind. Being CCNA certified opens many doors throughout the IT job market, creating opportunities for higher salaries, promotions, and unique projects.

The average salary for CCNA based jobs is currently $84,000 a year, annually.

How Do You Achieve Your CCNA Certification?

Candidates are only required to pass one written exam in order to achieve their CCNA certification.

Cisco Certified Network Associate v1.0 (200-301 CCNA)

The Cisco Certified Network Associate v1.0 (200-301 CCNA) is a 2 hour exam that tests a candidate’s knowledge of the following topics:

  • IP Connectivity (25%)
  • Network Fundamentals (20%)
  • Network Access (20%)
  • Security Fundamentals (15%)
  • IP Services (10%)
  • Automation and Programmability (10%)

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, written exams may now be taken remotely. Learn about your current exam options here.

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How to Prepare for the CCNA Certification Exam

INE provides everything you need to optimize your studying and ace your exam. Our CCNA Learning Path brings every course and topic covered on the exam into one, easy to navigate location. You can work your way through the content, step by step, at your own pace, without worrying about inadvertently skipping an important category.

Each course is created and led by experts in the field, sharing insights and experiences that give you the upper hand. Hands-on exercises and practice quizzes allow you to learn by doing while also helping to improve retention. The Learning Path allows you to track your progress, stay organized, and feel confident about your accomplishments and goals.

INE’s training and workbooks have not only helped me to pass my Cisco certification exams, but have also helped me to gain a complete, end to end understanding of Cisco technologies.

Dylan, CCNP R&S

INE has helped me tremendously throughout my career. Thanks to their training, I was able to pass my CCNA Routing & Switching and my CCNP Routing & Switching. I’m now studying for my CCIE Data Center certification and have no doubt I will become a Data Center expert using INE materials.

Donald, CCNP R&S

What I love about INE is how in-depth they go on every topic. When you get INE materials, you know that’s all you need to pass any certification you’re after. Their courses were all I needed to pass my CCNP Routing & Switching exams.

Andrew, CCNP R&S

Gain Access to our CCNA Content with an INE Subscription

Utilize INE’s content with a subscription to our library. Subscribers benefit from: 

  • Unlimited, on-demand streaming of our courses
  • Hands-on exercises and quizzes
  • Advanced Analytics to manage your progress
  • Expert, in-depth instruction from leaders in the field
  • Free live, online Webinars
  • Mobile Apps for Android and iOS, to use on any device
  • Affordable and flexible subscription plans  

With an INE subscription, you can create a training experience designed around your time, budget, and goals. INE will provide you with everything you need, every step of the way.

INE also offers comprehensive IT Training programs for businesses, serving teams and organizations of any size or ability. Every employee and team member can have access to expert IT courses, strengthening your company’s services, revenue, and culture.

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