Microsoft Azure Administrator Certification

Microsoft Azure is one of the leading Cloud services providers in the world and a critical component of the IT portfolio for many companies, governments, and organizations. As cloud connectivity continues to dominate the use of technology, Microsoft Azure sets the standard.

What is the Microsoft Azure Administrator Certification?

Understanding how to administer cloud-based resources in Azure is an increasingly critical skill for infrastructure administrators. The Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator certification validates your proficiency in the day to day skills required for Azure administration.

Azure Administrators implement, monitor, and oversee Microsoft Azure solutions. Their responsibilities include important services related to compute, storage, network, and security.

Is the Microsoft Azure Administrator Certification Right For You?

The Azure Administrator Certification is ideal for those who manage cloud services that cover storage, security, networking, and compute cloud capabilities. Candidates may also already be Azure Administrators and have an in-depth understanding of each service within the IT lifecycle.

In their current positions, candidates may take requests for infrastructure services, applications, and environments, as well as make recommendations on services to use for optimal performance and scale. They may also provision, size, monitor, and adjust resources when necessary.

What Can the Microsoft Azure Administrator Certification Do For Your Career?

With 38% of IT positions being cloud related by 2021 and 86% of IT professionals recommending certification to anyone seeking a career or advancement in IT, it’s no surprise that becoming a Certified Microsoft Azure Administrator is a reliable step in the right direction.

Professionals who earn their certification report seeing a 15% salary increase as a result. The average national salary for an Azure Cloud Administrator is $105k.

50% of Azure professionals are promoted within the first six months of becoming certified, demonstrating the trust employers place in their certified employees.

How Do You Achieve Your Microsoft Azure Administrator Certification?

Once candidates feel prepared to take their exam, they can schedule their exam date on Microsoft’s website. The cost of the exam is $165.

Want to see all our Azure Administrator Associate training videos?

Configuring and Managing Virtual Networking (30-35%)

  • Implementing and manage virtual networking
  • Configuring name resolution (DNS)
  • Securing access to virtual networks
  • Configuring load balancing
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting virtual networks
  • Integrating an on-premises network with an Azure virtual network

Deploying and Managing Azure compute Resources (25-30%)

  • Configuring VMs for high availability and scaling
  • Automating deployment and configuration of VMs
  • Creating and configuring VMs
  • Creating and configuring containers and Web Apps

Implementing and Managing Storage (15-20%)

  • Managing storage accounts
  • Managing data in Azure Storage
  • Configure Azure files and Azure blob storage

Monitor and back up Azure Resources (10-15%)

  • Monitoring resources by using Azure Monitor
  • Implementing backup and recovery

Managing Azure Identities and Governance (15-20%)

  • Managing Azure AD objects
  • Managing role-based access control (RBAC)
  • Managing subscriptions and governance

How to Develop a Reliable Study Strategy

You don’t have to. We’ve already taken care of that.

The Azure Administrator Associate Learning Path is designed to not only help infrastructure administrators achieve proficiency in Azure, but to also equip certification candidates with everything they need to pass their exam.

INE’s Microsoft Azure experts and professionals guide candidates through a wide range of topics, touching on everything required for the exam and more. The Azure Administrator Associate Learning Path will take users through many different services and technologies available in Azure, demonstrating the day-to-day administration and best practices around concepts such as security, performance, and cost management.

Engaging content paired with unique, hands-on exercises provides users with a complete training experience. Opportunities to apply newly-acquired skills to real-world scenarios ensures optimal preparation for both the exam and future projects. Every course is easily found and followed in the same location, allowing candidates to always know what comes next. Step by step, the Azure Administrator Associate Learning Path gets users to the finish line.

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