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Brian McGahan

At the age of 20, Brian McGahan earned his first CCIE in Routing & Switching, and became known as the “youngest engineer in the world.” He continued on to earn CCIE certifications in Security, Service Provider, and Data Center. Brian has developed and taught for INE since 2002, setting the bar for CCIE training and helping thousands of engineers obtain their own certifications--we’re proud to have such an accomplished and driven instructor on the INE team. When he is not developing new products for INE, he consults with large ISPs and enterprise customers. You may contact Brian McGahan at


DAY 1 11 AM - 2 PM EDT

  • Installing a Python environment: Local vs. Cloud
  • Python Essentials: calculations and Python object types
  • Flow control and loops
  • Functions
  • Positional, keyword, and default arguments
  • Comments and docstrings
  • Data structures
  • Collections and scalars
  • Comprehensions, Iterators and generators
  • Modules and external libraries
  • Input and output

11 AM - 2 PM EDT

  • Automation options with ACI
  • Postman and ACI
  • Installing the ACI Toolkit
  • Logging into the APIC through Python
  • Creating a ACI Objects with Python Scripts

11 AM - 2 PM EDT

  • Advanced ACI automation with Python Scripts
  • Provisioning an Entire ACI Fabric with Python
  • Q&A
  • Evaluation

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