Ziad Saeed, CCIE #27830


Altawaniyyah building) This story submitted in Dec 2010 :) I've MADE IT !!! I've passed the CCIE Routing & Switching lab finally :), This was a very long journey and it has a lot of up and down but the ultimate goal never changed to get the 5 digits. The last 3 months before the exam I've decided to take The 12 Days Routing & Switching bootcamp and INE did a great job to setup for this bootcamp in a short time due to the high demand. I've taken lot of training, and was wondering if this training will worth all the hassle of planning the trip and travel all the way to Reno-Nevada in USA. I've had a 24 hrs flights to reach Reno-Nevada and yeah it was worth it! With the Legend Petr Lapukhov, I had one of the best training EVER!. Simply he's amazing, The INE Instructors method will take you from any level of understanding and just boost you to the highest level. The power of know-how,and what to do if technologies didn't work and how-to troubleshoot is way better than anything I've ever seen. During the bootcamp, I had many incident which i was in the "i don't know how to solve it" state. And when I ask the instructor, I don't just get the answer. I'd rather have a one-to-one session on how to debug and know whats the mistakes, and how to solve them, then at last how to make sure everything is right ! .. That's brilliant. I want to thank INE family for their amazing efforts since day one when I contacted the sales team and for arranging the accommodation, the great facilities ! and how they were around to make sure everything going smooth in the training. Special Thanks to Marla, Kathleen and Petr from INE. Thanks all,

- Ziad Saeed, CCIE #27830 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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