ZhongYi Zhang, CCIE #13743


My story with INE was back to 2004 when I started to pursuit my first CCIE title. The INE forum was one of the major web sites I visited time and time, from here, I learned a lot, not just the great posts from all candidates & your experts, but also the success stories which inspired me and supported me to work hard in those days. Finally I got my CCIE number, and from then on, when I work for next CCIE certificate, I would go and visit INE again, reviewing all the posts one by one, reviewing all CCIE Blogs, I can always find the answers to my questions raised from reading and practicing labs. Due to language barrier, I was quiet in the community, but I really appreciated all the work and contributions from INE and all candidates. I already achieved 3 CCIE titles ( R&S, Voice, SP ), and now I am working for the 4th ( Security), So here I am again :). But I promise this time, I would not only just review the posts/blogs, but also make my contribution at my best, maybe just post some new subjects, maybe add some comments on the posts :). Thanks and Regards ZhongYi Zhang

- ZhongYi Zhang, CCIE #13743 (CCIE Voice)

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