Yasser Hussein Baghabra, CCIE #30279


Finally, After walking into harsh terrain I have managed to Pass My RS lab in my first attempt. I started my CCIE preparation for SP. Throughout my study for SP I used also RS ATC Material (I failed 3 times, one time wasn't ready the rest I was too close and thanks to small mistakes I made, I failed). I wanted to take a break from SP and decided to go for RS and I was under pressure from my company to achieve the number, I set my sails!! It was a gamble (I did the written in July 04 and lab scheduled in Sept 21, I used volume one as my practice to the lab, I used my knowledge of switching thanks to the environment am working in and jumped in. On the lab day, most of the Questions was solved thanks to my experience in practicing SP material. I was all but nervous in my waiting for the result, Finally at sunrise time ( 6:00) AM Thursday 22 of Sept, 2011 i got the outcome which is as you see (30279). Am really thankful for all INE instructors ( current and former ) for their amazing and outstanding material and their contributions in the blog. Sure I will start Hunting SP lab again, no stop till I Achieve it. Yours, Yasser

- Yasser Hussein Baghabra, CCIE #30279

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