Yasir Ashfaque, CCIE #26003


I started my career in Data Networking in 1999, i was introduced to CCNA/Cisco Networking Contents by one of my online friend. At that time connecting internet through MS windows and then sharing the internet to LAN was a skill, i learned that skill but then i realized that's not enough, there is something more, something which makes you The Expert. Lack of trainings, and opportunities in our town led me to self study(Best thing i have ever learned from life) and i started my journey in Computer Networks, in both side: System Engineering, and Network Engineering. I mastered Microsoft Windows, little bit Linux then, and little bit CISCO because i dint know about simulators then, and couldn't buy routers & switches of my own. I started preparing for my CCIE Lab in 2007 with INE Video on Demand and workbooks which were financed by my company. I made a commitment to myself, no matter what happens, doesn't care if i fail first time, i will go again and i will keep taking the labs until i clear. and i started giving full 18 hours a day to my preparations.... it was never easy because im not a nerd, i can't sit and take book and start memorizing every word, so i used mind maps(Special Thanks to Krzysztof Załęski for his excellent mind maps notes) and used INE workbooks for final preparations, and yeh i practiced all labs on Dynamips, Thanks to creator of Dynamips. I also bought INE MockLabs, man they were great, they taught me hell lot of lessons, i got failed in all 4 labs lol, not because i dint know the technology but because i made very small, and silly mistakes and from there i learned to avoid them, when i took INE LAB4 with difficult level 9, i completed it all with style, wah i was confident and expert, i dint miss a single section... that day i realized i can do it, i can pass the lab...common Yasir you can do it. go for this babyy and get it.... Day before exam i went to CISCO office and prepared the OEQs. Ok Exam was Nice, i did good in OEQ because i knew my stuff, i did 100/100 in Troubleshooting, because it was my favorite part, and i did very good in configurations part too because they were damn easy in comparison to INE workbooks, i just got stuck in one question because i thought it was unfair to ask and question and skip the necessary information for the solution, i asked the proctor but he said "You will have to resolve it by your ownself, Cisco never makes mistakes" i think he should have helped me. And then the day came when i got my result and couldnt believe my eyes i had passed the test and got my lucky number #26003. I would like to thank INE specially for their great video trainings and Workbooks and very special Mock labs which prepared me so well that clearing real lab was like piece of cake for me. Thanks Again.

- Yasir Ashfaque, CCIE #26003 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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