William Kehn, CCIE #48228


Almost 2 years after passing my CCIE written exam I can finally say I am a CCIE in Routing and Switching #48228. I really want to thank my wife and family since without their support none of this would be possible. This was my 2nd attempt after initially failing in May 2014 riding the tail end of the v4 wave. In my mind I knew I was ready, but something was missing that I couldn't put my finger on. Fortunately the folks at INE put together a tremendous course to help find those missing pieces. Personally, it was the ability to focus on and literally grind out 2 weeks of bootcamp with solid instruction, little interruption and a will to survive that ultimately put me over the top. I felt 1000 times better going into my 2nd attempt. Even when the proctor failed to call my name at sign-in, and then asked if I was signed up for the exam that day and at that location was I phased. I knew going into this I was completely focused and after my TS and Diag sections, I was even more certain nothing could deter me from having a great day. I ate the most expensive lunch in history, enjoying every bit of it before finished up the lab with an hour and a half left that afternoon. As I was walking out of there I felt like there was no way I didn't pass this. Of course until the grade comes in there is always that occasional feeling of nervousness. I got my grade later that evening as I was boarding my connecting flight back home. Success!! I had mixed emotions at first, really excited, and then just glad that the process was over and I could relax and enjoy my accomplishment with friends and family. Around 1000 hrs of study time had really paid off. Thank you to everyone for the support and kind words, and good luck to those still working toward this goal!! Perseverance is key!! Take Care, Bill K

- William Kehn, CCIE #48228 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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