William Blasko

#CCIE Enterprise/Data Center #55172

I started the journey of my CCIE back in Jan 2015, and actually met another CCIE that would become a good friend and mentor. He suggested I check out INE, and without hesitation I bought an all access pass. I went through all 130+ hrs of Route/Switch with Brian while labbing and realized how much I forgot, so I watched them a second time. By May of 2016, I attempted my first time and bombed completely. It wasn't because I didn't know the material, I just froze. Took me 3 times, but each time I used INE to assist with my studying. December 16th, 2016, I got the email that my score had been completed, but I locked myself out for a full 24 hrs. I logged in around 3am to check and I had passed! Thank you INE for all the support and late nights. Fast forward to 2019, INE again for the win, CCIE Data Center obtained. I have continued to turn to INE for other certifications as well as just training in general, not just Cisco. Thank you again INE! World Class Training!

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