Wayne Ward, CCIE #35107


I decided to pursue CCIE certification sometime early in 2010. My co-worker and myself purchased 2 complete R&S bundles and proceeded to start studying. We built a lab using INE specifications, and did Workbook I, II, III and IV. We attended the 6 day bootcamp in Chicago. Even then, the journey wasn't easy. We failed the exam several times, before passing. Each time, we went back to the videos on demand, and brushed up on our weaknesses. Those videos are great! Failing wasn't necessarily because of lack of knowledge, but because of lack of speed. The TS section requires speed. Practice, practice and more practice will get you there. I am slowly introducing myself to my family again, having gotten my number. I'm taking a coupe of weeks off to do some family things, and then starting the security bundle!

- Wayne Ward, CCIE #35107 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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