Vitor Mazali, CCIE# 50967


I was not even a CCNP Data Center when I received this opportunity from my company to go to Chicago to attend to INE CCIE DC Bootcamp. The seat for this 10-day bootcamp was originally paid for another workmate, but he left the company before that. So, that was my start, I've started watching CCIE DC videos and read the workbooks, then, in October/2014, I got some practical experience in the bootcamp. And the classes with Brian McGahan were really useful and helped me a lot to clarify some doubts and list those points I had to study more. In May/2015, I did the written exam and scheduled the lab to last October in Brazil. I also had to rescheduled the lab, because Cisco cancelled the mobile lab in Brazil. Finally, in November/2015 I passed in the lab exam. During all this time, I've always watched INE videos and read all the material, even my notes from the bootcamp with Brian, it was certainly a fundamental knowledge base which helped me a lot to pass.

- Vitor Mazali, CCIE# 50967 (CCIE Data Center)

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