Virgilio Spaziani, CCIE #35471, CCDE #20140003


On 20th Feb in Singapore I passed CCDE practical exam. My preparation was based on experience, a not so large book list, and the INE CCDE Bootcamp. I attended the bootcamp in London with Brian McGahan on August 2013. I really think that the bootcamp helped me to focus on key technologies and to understand how to approach the exam. It was a challenge, my satisfaction is extreme!

So I took my number on my second attempt?CCIE#35471 I can't explain how much I'm happy.

I killed the monster in Moskow.
My proctor was very prepared and gave me clear answers to clear questions, of course never telling me which was the solution.

I started the TS section, I understood that was my day, no panic, I solved probably all the 10 tickets? My mood was very good.

After I started the exam, it was very difficult, something like level 8 of INE, but believe me that under pressure it becomes a level 9.

During my exam I always remembered all teaching of Brian during the ATC, the fantastic Blog from Petr (This is a MUST for your preparation), all the suggestions that people in this forum always gave me? thanks to you all!

I started with my CCNA 8 years ago, 6 years ago CCSP, 4 years ago CCNP, 3 years ago I started to study for the Expert R&S? I was very scared about the level that was supposed to need, I wondered if a human could control that bunch of technology. After I stopped one year and half to study for personal problems, I restarted the last summer. I studied for the expert something like 1000 hours, reading many books, and my job in the last 2 years,is instructor of CCNA, CCNP courses in Cisco Networking Academy Program, so I have many possibilities to study and check many technologies.

INE was my mentor, I used vol1, did twice vol2, did Vol4 that in my opinion is the best material for TS on the market. vol3 I used few, only 3 labs, becouse I sew that my speed was on the right level.

Secret of my preparation was the mocklabs, I did 4 mocklabs, and before my first attempt the mock lab level 7 score was something over 70%? too few, you have to trust those scores.

Another point very important, prepare with american keyboard, with putty, organizing your window.

Thanks again to INE and to all people of the forum! I will continue to be here becouse I want to start ISP or Security!

Don't give up, that day will be the happiest of your carrier!

- Virgilio Spaziani, CCIE #35471, CCDE #20140003 (CCIE Routing & Switching, CCDE Design)

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