Vinoth Kumar Arumugam, CCIE #28720


I am so Happy today [4/22/11] cleared R&S and My number is 28720. First of all I have to thank my family members and friends for their great support and allowing me to sacrifice social life for past 18 months. I have to thank my wife and my 1yr old son for helping me to achieve this. It's the greatest journey i had with INE workbooks with all these 18months. Vol I is amazing, it helped me to brush up all basics in Blueprint and testifies my understanding of all technologies. I really enjoyed each and every questions/chapter in it. Vol II is the key feature which is must to do before exam. Troubleshooting in config section is tricky and I had lot of fun in solving it. If you want to increase the speed of IGP configuration skills Vol III is for you. Last but important one Vol IV is the troubleshooting, which increased my troubleshooting skill and reduced by debugging time. I prefer this Vol IV for managing debugging skills at work too. Thanks for the INE team for developing VOL I , VOL II , VOL III and VOL IV, Which is must have resource for all CCIE aspirants. Free INE blog and IEOC has hell lot of resources, which helped me to tweak my skills. And I also want to thanks your friendly sales staff who are really helpful and supportive. Thank you INE and My Journey just Started !!! will be coming back to you for next target. Vinoth Kumar Arumugam, CCIE #28720

- Vinoth Kumar Arumugam, CCIE #28720 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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