Vikram Parmar, CCIE #22735


I first got my CCIE number back in 2008 (R&S) and felt a need to be updated and recertified. I decided to recertify by learning a new techonolgy. I chose DC as the track not only because it was the hottest track to pursue in the current scenario but also to learn how the whole virtualization world interfaces with the Networking world. My preparation started and ended with INE materials. I did the techonology labs to get a good understanding of technologies like FCOE,OTV,FabricPath,NPV,NPIV,iSCSI,FCIP etc,. For UCS, I practiced on INE techonolgy labs and watched a few videos of Brad Hedlund. I also attended the INE Bootcamp in Chicago which helped in understanding the intricacies of these new technologies to a great extent. Brian McGahan is a great instructor. During the entire process including rack practice sessions from INE, the IEOC forum and INE support team were of great help. I had failed my first attempt. I passed my second attempt 4 months later.

- Vikram Parmar, CCIE #22735 (CCIE Routing & Switching, CCIE Data Center)

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