Vikas Khanduri, CCIE #13516


Your labs are right on target, and the explanations are right there task by task. A wonderful piece of work or should I say an art. It is really very difficult to put such a depth of knowledge in a fashion which makes one read over and over and make the labs enjoyable. I never ever got bored. Each time my wife could see a chuckle whenever I would read the questions. Where were you guys a year back? This is the best WB I have seen. I thought I knew everything till I saw IE WB. It is a collection of real world scenarios and closest to the real lab. I can't wait for the security WB to come out. I can guarantee no one will ever repent. Good job B and B :-)

- Vikas Khanduri, CCIE #13516 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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