Ulziitogtokh Dashdavaa, CCIE #35907


Hi All. I am Toogii from Mongolia. I am a working professional in the IP networking field. I used INE materials for my CCIE Service Provider exam. I really enjoy using their materials because they are helpful and easy to understand for non-English speaking people. And the technologies are mentioned as deep as it is enough for expert level knowledge. I also use INE rack rental. I didn't find any problems on rack equipment. I really like INE's Video on Demands. Instructors are great, materials are great. I also want to say that, if you guys are really love your professional field then be in the top of it. For those, who have a language problem, I advise you to not waste time for learning language. Just go for your professional training. You will get both professional and language improvement during the procedure. Finally, I am really happy that I found INE. I will continue use their products. Thank you. BRs Toogii CCIE #35907 (R&S, SP)

- Ulziitogtokh Dashdavaa, CCIE #35907 (CCIE Service Provider)

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