Tushar Singla, CCIE #22718


INE is the mentor anyone could dream of. anything you find not available anywhere else you can find it at, be it lab setup scenarios, online Expert help, rack rentals, notes ... I have used INE rack rentals so many times now, i cant even keep a track of tokens i have bought. But i can guarantee that you will feel like working on real life equipment right i front of you with the options of hard reset just a click away. The rack rentals are not the only good thing i got addicted to. Online help from Brian also. INE is ready to help you in any way you can and also fro very reasonable prices. I would recommend anyone and everyone looking to prepare any of the CCIE's come to INE you wont regret it!!

- Tushar Singla, CCIE #22718 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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