Troy L. Tarazon, CCIE# 51464


I achieved my 5 digits yesterday at RTP after my fourth attempt, and the victory of passing that beast is as sweet as you can imagine. I wouldn?t be at this point professionally without INE. I started using INE?s products in 2012 right after my CCNP, back when you ordered the workbooks and got two huge boxes of printed copies. I remember building my frame-relay lab and going through the videos with Brian McGahan and following along in the workbooks. Then the v5 switch and I had to buy a server and go virtual, and of course INE was already ahead of the curve when they issued an online v5 workbook with over 2000 pages. They keep me going with current material and like I mentioned before, Brian McGahan?s videos are the pinnacle of training. His no nonsense approach and deep explanation and variations of technologies really gives you the greatest understanding of why everything works the way it does. I also attended the two week Route Switch bootcamp in Raleigh with honestly one of the smartest people I?ve ever met, Dave Smith. Dave seemed to be the CCIE Jedi during the bootcamp, showing us all in person why the technologies do what they do. I love the bootcamp and want to attend more for the training, they are top notch for sure. Thank you INE for your superior customer support, products, people and investment in the CCIE community. I look forward to working on the next one with you!

- Troy L. Tarazon, CCIE# 51464 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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