Trent Walton, CCIE #38550


I started my ccie training in march of 2012 when I signed up for the october 2012 2 week boot camp in seattle. I watched all the sessions and attended the boot camp in October. After returning home I started in on labs and working on the solutions in the workbooks. In December I attempted the exam in SJC for the first time and did not pass. I found out what my weak points were and started back a week later to work on my weaknesses. I attempted the lab again in late January and finished the exam but still did not pass. I felt much better after my second attempt but still had some work to do. I then did 15 labs in 15 days to prep for my third and final attempt on March 13th 2013, I had a great lab with 2 hrs to spare at the end. I passed CCIE voice #38550. Thanks to INE and the INEOC for the help through some of the more difficult areas.

- Trent Walton, CCIE #38550 (CCIE Voice)

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