Tom Hollingsworth, CCIE #29213


When I started my CCIE quest three years ago, I immediately ordered the INE workbooks to get started. Volume 1 was great for helping me fill in my knowledge gaps in my weaker areas like BGP. I spent a lot of time pouring over those binders getting myself ready for the harder things to come. Volume 2 helped me get a feel for the way the lab was going to attack my configuration abilities. It helped me figure out just what would be asked of me. Volume 3 helped me drill my speed in the core technologies, the place where points are so valuable to build the foundation of your overall lab. I even ordered the Dynamips version of the workbooks to allow me to use my virtual lab more effectively. After the introduction of the troubleshooting sections in the v4 lab, I found myself going back to my Volume 1 material to help me nail down the specifics of the protocols and their interactions to aid in my problem determination speed. If you want to find the broken things fast, the best way to do that is to know everything like the back of your hand, and Volume 1's introductions do that better than anything else. INE helped me get started on the path to my CCIE, and in the end they helped push me over the edge that separated me from my elusive number. Thank you INE for making me CCIE #29213.

- Tom Hollingsworth, CCIE #29213

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