Timor Sherf, CCIE #23544


I've got my number on my second attempt, and I must say that IEs gave me everything I needed for succeeding. Initially I've bought only the COD. Couple of months later I have made the final four in the "Real people scholarship program" and I've got the End-to-End R&S course as a price for reaching the final. After the COD I started on the unbelievable Workbooks 1 and then 2. Most of the scenarios I did in Dynamips and on real equipment that I had from my work place. I could see the difference in self confidence after only 5 WB2 labs. I did my first attempt after 12 WB labs and I was short +- 6,7 points. For my second attempt I did the whole 20 labs and guess what - I PASSED!!! I truly believe that IEs are the best learning tool there is on the market today. I felt from the beginning that they're teaching me the technology in depth instead of teaching the tricks and cheats of the exam. Thanks for everything Brians(X2), Petr, Anthony and Scott (the evil dude).

- Timor Sherf, CCIE #23544 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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