Thomas J. Loran, CCIE #0


After six years of off and on study, I am pleased to announce that I earned my CCDE number 20130021 in May following on the heels of passing the CCIE SP lab exam in February. While INE was not my only training resource, they were my primary training resource. I want to thank both Brian McGahan and Brian Dennis for their excellent bootcamps, workshops, workbooks, videos (thanks Mark Snow), and rack rentals. About six years ago, I felt that my 2001 CCIE skills were getting a bit dated so I decided to update and broaden my technology base. Most every day, usually while working out on the treadmill, I watch an hour of the RS, SP, Voice, and Security CIE videos, as well as the technology deep dives. In fact, I watched most them many times. I also used the INE workbooks and rack rentals as the base of my hand-on SP learning journey. I even took them a bit further, doing my own deeper ?what if? scenarios coupled with copious amounts of debugging until I had mastered each technology task. While passing the lab won?t happen for a while, I have started studying for the CCIE Data Center track using INE?s DC videos. Thanks INE!

- Thomas J. Loran, CCIE #0 (CCIE Service Provider)

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