Thomas Carroll, CCIE #48005


I first discovered INE's top quality instruction through the free CCNA videos available online. When it came time to climb the CCIE mountain, there was really no other choice for the quality and level of instruction required. The company that I work for was kind enough to offer assistance with my training. INE's fantastic Corporate Accounts team worked hard to make the process as easy as possible for us. I attended the 2 week routing and switching boot camp which built my technical skills as well as my confidence. There was a lot of value for me during those two weeks of very intensive study, but I cannot overstate the value that the All Access Pass brought to my preparation. Having on-demand access to that level of technical training was probably the biggest help to me along on my journey to the CCIE. The All Access Pass also helped me professionally, since I was able to come up to speed on new technologies quickly and follow through to implementation safely and correctly. Thank you INE, for helping me achieve my personal and professional goals!

- Thomas Carroll, CCIE #48005 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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