Thomas Andlauer, CCIE #40056


This it it ! I finally got my number after my 3rd attempt ! I failed my 2nd because of 1 point on the TS section so I was quite disgusted...Anyway, it's really thanks to INE that I was able to achieve this journey ! I remember I started my revisions because of Workbook 1 which was quite a revelation for me! It was a bible gathering all the information together and so well explained. Then, of course I used some additional material like others Workbooks, and Videos. I even assisted to the RS Bootcamp in London with Brian Dennis, and it was an amazing experience ! Even if I was well prepared for this bootcamp, I still could pick up some informations, ask questions, and most of all improve my vision, I mean I was then able to look at things and technos with an higher perspective! I met there a lot of skilled people and it was humanely very interesting!n Thanks again INE! Thomas, the smelling flowers French guy

- Thomas Andlauer, CCIE #40056 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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