Thiago Freitas, CCIE #18776


IE Team (Brians, Kady, Support guys), I really would would like to say thank you very much for making it possible. I've used all your products and they are ALL worth it!!! I did NOT use anyother workbook or class on demand I only used your products they made it possible. I started with the Class on Demand which is in my opinion the BEST material available for the CCIE preparation. You guys deserve the Oscar for this video. I watched it twice and I can easily still watch that many more time as anytime I learn a new thing !!! While I was watching the video I used the Audio Class which is perfect to enphasize the class on demand, what a great job by Brian M. Then I moved to the Core WB... it does exactly what it is for. It has some redistribution scenarion that made me cry and feel I would never really understand redistribution but after doing it twice things become better. Great value for money !!! You well known R&S WB... it doesn't need any comment as it's simply the BEST !!! When I was doing the real lab I thought I was doing one of your labs !!! That summarizes everything about the WB. Mock Labs.... tough ones but great so have external view on my preparation. I used that like the real lab, I scheduled that to start at 11:00 am my time, did that for 4 hours, had a 30 min break, 4 more hours. Bootcamp, I attended your 5 days bootcamp and that was fantastic!!! I had a really hard week as it was starting at 3:00 pm my time and due to the volume of the material covered (GREAT MATERIAL) I was not going to bed until 4:00 am and one day, on Thursday and thanks to Brian M 8 hour scenario it didn't go to bed until 9:00 am !!!! It was ALL WORTH !!! I can only HIGHLY RECOMMEND ALL YOUR PRODUCTS but if I have to choose one I would say get the Class on Demand !!!! I will one day put it on a plasma TV and watch as if it was a movie. I'm a big fan of it !!! Many thanks guys.

- Thiago Freitas, CCIE #18776 (CCIE Routing & Switching, CCIE Service Provider)

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