Steven Sagle, CCIE #46373


I have been deploying with Cisco Unified Communications solutions for a Cisco partner since CUCM Ver. 5.0. My first attempt at the CCIE certification was in 2009 on the CCIE Voice Lab 2.0. I went into that exam not knowing what to expect, but feeling pretty good about my chances. To say the least, I was floored when I opened the book and got an understanding of what the CCIE certification requires. Since then, I made a couple unsuccessful attempts at the voice 3.0 lab, each time earning a few more points, but never enough to pass this exam. It was apparent to me I needed to change my approach in preparing for this exam. In Dec of 2014 I attended INE's CCIE 10-Day Collaboration Bootcamp. I must say that those two weeks changed everything for me. It was the first time ever that I was able to concentrate exclusively on my studies without distraction. In addition to being in the perfect environment to focus on the material, the INE Bootcamp was led by our instructor Mark Snow. I cannot say enough good things about Mark. His knowledge of the material is phenomenal. He has a great ability to teach the material in a manner that makes learning the topics understandable and it is apparent that he enjoys sharing his knowledge and helping others. Thank you Mark!! I followed up my Bootcamp experience with 4 weeks of work and study. My study time was split between using the INE rental racks and equipment at work. I practiced the material and techniques I learned in class as much as I could leading up to my exam. On January 16th I went into the CCIE lab in RTP with a level of confidence I never had before. At the end of the day, I walked out with my number!!! CCIE Collaboration #46373 Thank you!!

- Steven Sagle, CCIE #46373 (CCIE Collaboration)

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