Steven Glowacki, CCIE #27831


I started working loosely with Cisco 12 years ago and was amazed at the respect CCIEs gained in the field. I always figured I was too slow and would never grasp the concepts so it took me almost a decade to get serious about it. After working with wireless, routing and switching I finally found the drive in voice. I came from a Comdial/Toshiba/Lucent background so it seemed somewhat natural. Studied for version 3 in 2008 and 2009, tried to schedule a date around April but everything was booked solid up to July 16th. I had to wait for my favorite vendor to polish up the version 4 material (I bet sales got tired of me calling) and then I hit the books/lab/study partners hard. After more attempts than I care to mention I came up with a motto "Pass or retire, whatever comes first"! Nothing wrong with the study material, I'm just a horrible test taker and really struggled with time management. I'd like to thank Brian for the version 3 material, Mark Snow for the version 4 material and Petr for his detailed frame relay explanation. I'm loosely working toward R/S and will use the INE material as I get more serious. Thanks INE for making one of my dreams come true. Lets work on that early retirement now! Steve Glowacki Voice CCIE #27831

- Steven Glowacki, CCIE #27831 (CCIE Voice)

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