Sridhar Banala, CCIE #29161


At Last I made it CCIE 29161, it was my second attempt, i was scared by the troubleshooting, because first time i couldn't make, it was time management and wasted lot of time on couple of tickets, instead of doing the easy ones. But on my second attempt i took easy tickets first and resolved hard one's later, 2 tickets scared me but i finished in time, i had 10 minutes left in TS Started the configuration early and there were couple of tough ones , it took time for me to understand what exactly was asking,read the whole lab twice before I started , had couple of hiccups but was able to resolve all. Thanks to INE Support Staff and Trainers, Boot camp which I attended last year was helpful Thanks

- Sridhar Banala, CCIE #29161 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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