Spencer Smith, CCIE #43643


After so many months and hours of studying and practicing, I finally passed the R&S lab exam in RTP!!! I am now officially CCIE #43643!!! I really couldn't be happier and am so glad I stuck through all the hardship to get here. INE's Advanced Technologies Courses were the best! They really helped tie in what I read in books and whitepapers to practical use. I also got a better understanding of the technologies and was able to fill in those knowledge gaps helping me be much better prepared for the lab. INE's mock troubleshooting lab was also spot on! I think I would have certainly struggled on that portion of the lab without it. Without a doubt, I will be coming back to INE for my next CCIE!

- Spencer Smith, CCIE #43643 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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