Sinan Yilmaz, CCIE #28722


USKUDAR The calender were showing us 19th of january, when i touch the ine Volume I for the first time. I felt like a low level engineer and even I thought to give up to prepare for the exam. Then I started to read the Volume I. Reading the books was very good and I could learn the technologies very well. I was delighted when I started to practise with dynamips and the real devices. Then I felt confident myself as well as reading Volume II and volume IV. I was not just learning the technologies, I also was having fun. Learning new things is never so easy like this. At the end I passed the exam, but I still use the Volume I book as my first holly source and bedside book. I love INE books and I am waiting for CCIE SPv3 books now. Thanks to INE, I know that I can pass all the though exams with you.

- Sinan Yilmaz, CCIE #28722 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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