Siarhei Matashuk, CCIE #27340


My name is Siarhei Matashuk and I`m from Belarus, Europe. I`ve got my number on my first attempt at Oct, 27. Lab exam was taken at Brussels. I found Brussels nice city with pleasant atmosphere. My Lab preparation took about two years, with first year kind of relaxing study but second was really hard, specially last three months. I`ve started my preparation with INE`s CCIE 2.0 program. Lab blueprint 4.0 was just released and all the new lab looks scary. I`m really thankful to the INE team for their products quality and support. I believe any of CCIE students who had a chance to talk with Anthony Sequeira can`t undervalue his energy and his amazing support. Another product that was very helpful for me, and believe it or not it was the main reason I`ve passed on my first attempt is Mock Labs. Mock labs prepares you to stressful exam environment getting you experienced with in-lab time management, gives you an estimate on how the labs are graded, teaches you to interpret exam tasks wording correctly. Another source of information, experience and support was INE`s blog and community. I so liked to struggle on another Petr Lapukhov extra-tech posts on INE`s blog. Posts on INE forums always motivate me to study discussed task deeply, spending time on configuration guides and Cisco tech notes. I`m thankful to all the INE team, that made my ultimate professional goal came true, all the community members who were so supportive and last, but not least, my lovely family, who stayed without fair share of my time and attention while that loong way to the thing called CCIE.

- Siarhei Matashuk, CCIE #27340

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