Shinobu Honda, CCIE #28355


Today I finally passed CCIE R&S Lab in Tokyo!! It took me about 4 years to overcome R&S lab exam since the first written exam in 2007. Actually, a week ago, my father passed away, I got indescribably depressed so that it was hard for me to concentrate all my energies into the appointed CCIE exam. Despite all cicumstances, I was very calm during the test. I remembered the hard time during studying CCIE with all workbooks of yours. I also remembered that I delved into the R/S CCIE exam in tandem with your incredibly amazing materials, Vol 1-4 workbooks. I have completed TS section within one hour. With the power from the heaven where my father is resting, I completed the whole configuration section with 3.5 hours remaining. I re-examined the oblique questions several times within the remaining hours in order to keep me from making a thoughtless mistake. Finally, I also express my thanks to my wife and son whose love and support were my great resources, strength and passion when studying the exam.

- Shinobu Honda, CCIE #28355 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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