Serdar Kut, CCIE #18130


I passed my RS exam yesterday in Dubai and now I am happy as I never was before. I was preparing for the exam for about 1.5 years and I failed the first attempt on Dec 14th Brussels. That was a good experience indeed and helped me alot about my considerations like how the lab is, and how the questions are worded etc. And also I saw that I had so much trouble with switching and security sections. after that time I went towards my weakness and improve myself. Finally, I am done. I almost did all IE v3 and v4 labs, and I must say that these guys really rock! not only for exam preparetion, but also for real life, I learned alot from these workbooks. And also I used some of the advanced features of routing in some of my real life projects and that provide really well solutions for me. I mean when doing your practice labs and wbs and etc, do not ever thing that this case has no relation with the real world scenarios and let it down. Try to understand how it works, try to understand the usage style of the technology in that case and you should be fine, on both lab exam and real world. I give my special thanks to both Brians for their Mock lab. It was a great one and I think every candidate must take it at least once before the exam. By the way, Brian says that, I did not see anybody who got 80+ from Mock lab and then failed the real one. Well, the tradition goes on ;)

- Serdar Kut, CCIE #18130 (CCIE Routing & Switching, CCIE Service Provider)

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