Saqib Malik, CCIE #40567


My CCIE journey started a while back and after a couple of failed attempts, I realized that I was lacking in several different areas. I decided that it was time to invest a little money for proper training and that's when I first bought my workbooks from INE (at the time it was still "Internetwork Experts"). Later on, I bought the INE R&S on-demand videos which I think is probably the best thing I did for myself as I could watch videos related to the topic that I needed help with. As a matter of fact, I still use those videos when dealing with things that I haven't had to configure in a while and am a bit rusty :) I went through all the workbook volumes and watched the videos as I did the labs just to solidify the understanding of the topics covered in that lab. I remember sitting in my hotel room in Durham, NC the night before the lab watching the MPLS L3 VPN and VPNv4 BGP video just because I couldn't sleep :) I finally passed the lab and got my number on 9/14/13. Now that I have had a few months break, I'm gearing up for CCIE DC and plan on getting the INE videos to start the Data Center journey.

- Saqib Malik, CCIE #40567 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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