santanu roy, CCIE #30106


Finally I got my magic number today in my 3 rd attempt.I have taken exactly 1 years to complete my R&S journey. I would have been a CCIE in my first attempt but I did the blunder of my life and missed out. Configuration - FAIL Section Section Score 1. Layer 2 Technologies 0% 2. Layer 3 Technologies 0% 3. IP Multicast 0% 4. Advanced Services 0% 5. Optimize the Network 0% Troubleshooting - PASS I dont thing anyone has such score report ever :).It was my blunder as I thought I was failing troubleshooting and quit configuration section after 2 hrs of troubleshooting.I had no good sleep (very very important ) and feeling drowsy during TS .first 30 minutes my mind was not at all working(i was typing wrongly) and then some how I managed 8 tickets and finally when i was pushing a service policy under interface TS screen disappeared (TIME OVER).Immediately i got annoyed of my self and quit the lab.Next day result came and i saw PASSED TS. In my second attempt I had good sleep and solved all TS tickets with verification and completed the configuration section smoothly,no crazy stuff.Still I feel It was my best attempt,I was confident but no luck.I failed TS section and passed configuration part .It was really surprising to me failing troubleshooting after doing all tkts with verification.I decided not to write R&S track again also there was no slot in India for 3-4 months. Again after few days i got motivated by my family and managed one date as some one dropped ,This time i am successful. I used INE vol1 , vol2 , vol3 , vol4 and recently New r&S ATC by Brian.All these products are absolutely superb and specially I feel the ATC is an asset for rest of my network career. Finally i would like to thank entire INE team( Both Brians and Petr)for developing such wonderful study materials not only to help candidates to achieve their CCIE No also make them technically sound for real time.

- santanu roy, CCIE #30106 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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