Saifullah Ghori, CCIE #24520


I started my CCIE journey when I changed jobs in October 2007. I left a firm using only Nortel switches to join a firm using only Cisco switches. I had 15 years of TCP/IP experience but I had to very quickly learn Cisco syntax. In June 2008 my boss suggested I go for my CCIE. I attempted the written exam and passed it at first shot. After passing the written exam, I contacted INE and ordered their "Self-Paced R&S end-to-end CCIE training program". I also signed up for a 12 bootcamp that ran in Reno in November 2008. From June 2008 to November 2008, I fully utilised INE's R&S bundle materials to improve my configuration commands skills and also improve my speed. I spent 100s of hours using INE's racks. I completed book 2 and book 3 labs twice over. The best part was the 12 day btoocamp in Reno. The instructors there really helped my work on my weak points, specially QOS. In addition to helping me eradicate my weaknesses, they also gave me valuable pointers that helped me pass my lab exam in Durham. I am 100% confident I would have never been able to be a CCIE had I not used INE products. I will always be grateful. Regards, S K Ghori.

- Saifullah Ghori, CCIE #24520 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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