S. Kucherenko, CCIE #35782


My path to the CCIE lab with INE started on the next day after I successfully passed the writing exam. The first thing that I did was buy volume 1 and 2 INE CCIE Security workbooks. After this. I began the process of building topology racks as closely as I could to the workbook topologies. I have had lack of equipment but GNS3 helped me a lot. I completed all tasks in volume 1 three times and after that I really believed in myself. With deep understanding that not all pieces can be done well on virtual equipment, I bought INE tokens for the remote racks and started working with volume 2. After two months of working on volume 2 I made my first attempt, which wasn't successful. But i didn't lose my faith and after a short rest, I returned to preparation. One month later, I made a second attempt that was successful. Thanks a lot to INE for great work!

- S. Kucherenko, CCIE #35782 (CCIE Security)

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