Rodrigo Freitas, CCIE #29888


Hello, Last Week (09 Aug 2011) I passed CCIE RS exam in So Paulo.
This marks a year long dream come true. Three attempts (all of them
in So Paulo) were needed for it to become reality. Self-paced "INE
CCIE RS 4.0 Training Program" was with me all the way. These
lectures helped me brush up forgotten topics and grasp new ones. I
accompanied them with an online rack session and tested each
presented concept to further verify how the technology works.
CCIE# 29888

Update March 18, 2015: First of all, I'd like to thank the entire staff at INE, their training materials and support is essential for help with passing again the CCIE lab exam, now in Data Center. I use their products exclusively because of the detail and accuracy of the information that is presented in their material. My story begins in 2014 with thinking about trying to pass the Data Center exam. I choose the Data Center track for my second track because of my current position and projects that incorporate the new Nexus and UCS technology at Cisco Systems. I started with the Advanced Technologies Course from INE and started going through the videos along with their rack time important for success. Loved the way Brian McGahan and Mark Snow recommended going through Cisco DOC CD for additional knowledge is key for success during the lab exam. About nine months into my studies is when I started using INE rack tokens for lab work, which the hands on experience is vital towards really understanding the technology and how to effectively troubleshoot as necessary.
- Rodrigo Freitas, CCIE #29888 (CCIE Routing & Switching, CCIE Data Center)

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