Richard McGee, CCIE# 51090


Just wanted to give a big thanks to INE with the help in passing the CCIE DC lab in San Jose. I attended the CCIE DC two-week boot camp in Orange County in October 2014 and recently used the INE CCIE DC Lab Cram Session. Both of of the resources where instrumental to me passing the CCIE DC lab. I spent around 1 year of pure viewing videos, reading the Cisco validated design guides, and practicing on my works CCIE DC lab. This was by far the biggest undertaking that I took to pass a certification. It was about 2-4 hours daily of studying material and lab practice. Because my primary role is as a DC Architect, I didn?t have a lot of hands on experience, but quickly made that up with constant practice to get my speed up. The one thing that help me was knowing most of the configuration options by heart without having to look up any documentation. I would also take practice situations and use notepad to do the configuration templates. This helped a lot with the speed that one will need to pass the lab. Please please don?t underestimate the trouble shooting sections of this test. I ran into issues every attempt that where sometimes NX-OS issues or hardware. A for instance it you cut and paste vlans with names the last name would always get cut off and I quickly learned that I had to add an exit or quit to the end of the statement. This was a dream come true and thank you again to INE.

- Richard McGee, CCIE# 51090 (CCIE Data Center)

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