Raymond Philip, CCIE #19501


Gents, Thought I'd let you know that I sat the CCIE lab in Brussels yesterday and passed (no. 19501)! - To say I'm over the moon would be a slight understatement. I was extremely honoured to meet you guys in Reno and at that stage I never thought I could get close to the same level of knowledge that you all had. In the intervening period, I've been hard at work on the IE labs. - Basically completed all 20 and went back to the core ones mentioned by Brian. I took all the labs at my own pace, studied technologies I was weak on and took copious notes! The week before going to Brussels, I read through all the lab sections on IP services and ensured I could implement all of these without referring to the DocCD. To be honest, it was only really at this stage that I felt it had all come together. I went to Brussels for the weekend and used the time just to read over the notes I'd made. Thank you guys for your various notes of encouragement on route and good luck for those still to get through. (If I can get through anyone can!). A special thanks to the 2 Brians from IE. - I've followed your program more or less all the way through from the online ATC and definitely could not have done this without you. To my mind, you've got a great product delivered by a genuine company that offers excellent value for money. I've got the number now, but I honestly feel that I'm a better engineer having gone through this. - I'd recommend you to anyone.

- Raymond Philip, CCIE #19501 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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