Ravishankar Battiprolu, CCIE #28997


Cleared my CCIE 28997 R&S in the 1st attempt yesterday @ San Jose.It's been a roller coaster ride in the exam hall , especially the Troubleshooting section... I was through with most of the troubleshooting tickets except a few with about 10 minutes left.The last 10 minutes just flew by... The end of the 2 hour, I was convinced that I will not get the 80% limit in Troubleshooting section. I was convinced that I was close and I may miss the pass threshhold by a whisker. ... But I was wrong!! Anyways , One advice wrt to troubleshooting... Start from the destination and come back towards the source.I followed this for most of the tasks in Trblshooting section.It worked for me...It might for you.... I then started off the configuration portion , trying to get out of the TRsh'tn trauma and kept thinking positively...Configuration was fairly simple...Took one task at a time. Redistribution section was time-consuming. Wrt to redistribution, take one direction at a time and then check on its consequence It has taken me more than 1 year of preparation, 1 year of setting expectations , time away with my family and friends, my daughter especially. I can't thank them enough for their wishes and for their patience with me. I started off an year ago with my old time friend and now colleague. We did Vol 1 of INE together (on Webex), each section, topic by topic (hands on) , made our notes along side , brain stormed, made notes, noted problems he faced and what I faced and how we came out of it.Didn't loose a chance (utilized whatever free time) in revising the 14 topics of vol 1. Then after 9 months , I started off with vol 2 (did not time the 1st 10 labs), made notes/findings for each lab topic. Finished about 10 labs in 1 month. Kept revising vol1 , the notes made, and vol2 and its notes made by me) Did the same with Vol 4 (about 8 labs). Then Read the next 5 labs in Vol 2. Kept revising Vol1, vol2 , vol4.. then in the last 2 months, started timing the rest of the labs in INE and took up Vol 3.. Been a great tiring journey, feels nice to have the 5 digit magical number.... !!! Over n above, the knowledge earned in the last 1 year. !!!! Thanks INE for all the help and guidance!! Thanks to everyone for their contributions in the INE forums !! Thank you one and all. God bless !!

- Ravishankar Battiprolu, CCIE #28997 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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