Rasesh, CCIE #25483


The Day Before the exam I wanted to be tired come bedtime so I could get a good nights sleep (This turned out to be a bad idea because, even though I was tired, my mind kept racing and I didn?t sleep much anyway). I try to resist the urge to study. My mind is going through all kinds of different scenarios, and possible solutions. After the Exam On my flight back i was just thinking about my open ended questions. I was arguing to my self that which wold have been best answer for my question but was not able to come at conclusion. I knew I would pass my lab section has i had double check the configuration but till I got my results [PASS at First attempt] I just kept on think about my open ended questions. As soon as I had result I was flying I started calling each and every one who was close to me and informing them that I had passed my CCIE. That was one of my happiest day in my life.

- Rasesh, CCIE #25483 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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