Rami A.G. AbdulAbbas, CCIE #46227


I worked with a telecommunications company for couple of years and didn't think to do the CCIE Lab until I came across INE. I came to know about them after hearing very encouraging CCIE candidate testimonials (they make great encouragement stuff and make your limits boundless). I bought their Practice Bundle which includes CCIE R&S v5 ATC plus their "one of its kind" Workbook. This Workbook helped me a lot since it's mapped exactly to their expanded Blueprint and is very easy to follow with the INE ATC videos. They have a very good way of delivering correct information in a very precise manner. Moreover, Brian McGahan was the show stopper for me.
I prepared for the CCIE lab for about a year or so and finally got the courage to go to Dubai and do the lab. That was the easy part of my story, but the hardest part was when I was waiting for the result. I couldn't sleep, couldn't eat, and was just waiting near my laptop and logging in to the Cisco site every minute and refreshing the page. The funny thing was that after 1 hour I was able to log in to the Cisco site again and received this error: "Access has been expired please try again tomorrow." Aarrrrrrrrrhhhhhh, they killed me with these words! After that, I received an email at 3am saying that you can view your result online.
Me and my friend took the exam on the same date but even after me begging him to use INE's "Superb" materials, he was confident enough.
Anyway, he was using my laptop and I wanted to check the result and I saw FAIL. I was going to cry, but after that, I saw his name NOT mine ("God yeah" back to life again), and finally I saw my result and PASS.
I have a Masters Degree in Programming but that one "CCIE" is the biggest achievement of my life.
Thank you INE.
Thank you Brian.
Long Live INE!

- Rami A.G. AbdulAbbas, CCIE #46227 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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