CCIE Routing & Switching -

Quentin McIntosh

CCIE Routing & Switching #CCIE # 58226
The training at INE is incredible; Brian McGahan is on another level with his knowledge. In the beginning I felt like it was almost to much; I didn't understand. It was like Brian was speaking gibberish. In one of his videos, he mentions that there are people who cram for exams, that these people will having gapping holes in there knowledge. I was one of those people. I didn't know the "why", I just knew it worked. I knew after the 1st ATC video that I couldn't cram for this, nor did I find I wanted too. That began the 10 month journey. Towards the end, I saw that Brian wasn't speaking gibberish, but was giving the facts. Another bonus was the work books. What I learned to like, was that if you don't truly understand the topics and how the technologies work together......good luck completing the Mock Labs. I learned to enjoy figuring out the "how did x break y". Overall I can truly say, I wouldn't have passed without INE!

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